Awards ceremony for the winners of the Lincoln Mathematics Challenge 2022–23

The awards ceremony for the winners of the Maths Challenge-2022-23 of the School of Mathematics and Physics has taken place on 30 March 2023 at the University of Lincoln. The ceremony was held at the beginning of the 6th Annual Robert Grosseteste Lecture in Astrophysics by Prof Don Kurtz. The audience gave big rounds of applause to the winners, who received their trophies and prizes in Amazon vouchers from the Chair of Competition Committee Prof Evgeny Khukhro. The winners were also congratulated by Head of School of Mathematics and Physics Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky and the invited speaker Prof Don Kurtz.

Prof Andrei Zvelindovsky, Head of School of Maths and Physics, begins the proceedings
Prof Evgeny Khukhro and Anastasiia Nosyk (Blundell’s School, Tiverton), 3rd place winner

Prof Evgeny Khukhro and Jiayi Meng (The King’s School, Grantham), 2nd place winner

The 1st place winner Julia Volovich (Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge) sent her apologies that she could not attend the ceremony, as she was taking part in another maths competition.

Prof. Don Kurtz