Lincoln maths student gets a PhD position at an Algebra research group in Düsseldorf

Maths & Physics News

Congratulations to our Year 4 Maths Masters student Thomas Smith with getting a PhD position at the Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf! Building on excellent result of his mathematics studies in Lincoln, including the 2021 summer UROS research project “Engel conditions in branch groups” under supervision of Dr Anitha Thillaisundaram, Thomas made further progress in his year 4 studies, which in the 2nd semester amounts to a massive quadruple module of Masters research project. His successful application for PhD studies in Düsseldorf means that in September of 2022 he will start working on his PhD thesis under supervision of Prof. Benjamin Klopsch, Head of the Algebra and Number Theory group at the HHU Düsseldorf, in the research area of Asymptotic and Geometric Group Theory. Well done, Thomas, and best wishes in your further studies and research!

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