Maths Awards Day 2019

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On 24 May 2019 Maths Awards Day took place in Petwood Hotel in Woodhall Spa. On arrival staff and students had tea and coffee, took a tour of the magnificent park premises, and enjoyed the lunch with sparkling wine. The ceremonies began with an award to School administrator officer Bridgitte Whitaker. Prizes and commendations to Y1 and Y2 students for best academic achievements were supplemented with Amazon vouchers. (Prizes for Y3 students are postponed until the graduation in September.) Awards for the best maths lecturers in each year, as voted by the students, were presented by the School student reps.

Boole Prizes-2019 were awarded to Thomas Harding for the best performance in Year 1, and to Megan Goforth for the best performance in Year 2.

Commendations for outstanding results in pure maths were awarded to Jake Browning, Alexander O’Brien, and Thomas Smith in Year 1, and to Angelo Iuliano

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